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Blockchain: revolution or exaggeration?

Blockchain: revolution or exaggeration?
Technology March 26, 2018

Traditionally, the citizens in our exchanges and transactions we do not trust ourselves: and have placed our trust and credibility in a third party, an authority in charge of validating our identity against the other party in that operation.

This has been absolutely true, at least until now, when the creation of “blockchain” technologies allows all users to collectively contribute to the generation of information that was previously “outsourced” to a third party (state, bank, etc.), who had access to everyone’s data and could use it for their benefit. The community creates a gigantic digital database where what is recorded is what it is…. At least for the members of this community.

The conventional definition of blockchain says this. But there are many voices that point out, on the one hand, that this is an exaggerated movement with a very limited impact, and unable to replace the operators who traditionally held the trust and, on the other, that digital anonymity facilitates crime.

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