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Introducing the speakers I

Introducing the speakers I
September 21, 2017


Title: Experimenting the future of work: network organizations and collaboration.

Description: Work as we know it is being deconstructed. Entrepreneurial efficiency, productivity, creativity and innovation are increasingly associated to network workflows and collaborative management systems. Meet the Ouishare case, a network of professionals passionated about experimenting with new ways of working through a collaborative culture.

Ana is a publicist passionated about the impact of digitization on human beings, organizations and society in general. In the last 4 years she is been exploring the future of work at Ouishare, a distributed and decentralized organization which is working on building a collaborative society. Ana accompany organizations that want to innovate in new ways of working more collaborative and her last purpose is to help people find their authenticity by doing something with impact to build a better world.


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Title: Crowdfunding, much more than financing.

Description: Tell stories, boost projects and validate ideas to tackle challenges with the support from the crowd.

Naiara Chaler is Success Manager at Ulule, and part of the team who is leading the expansion of the platform in the Spanish market. She has over 4 years’ experience developing and successfully funding crowdfunding campaigns for the publisher Play Attitude. She studied Bachelor in Marketing Management (STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY), and has been working in Management and Strategy since then. She is also an active member of the community of experts within the collaborative economy OuiShare. Naiara is a curious woman, passionate and optimistic who aims to provide value creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and creatives.


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Title: The B Corp movement, collaborating in being best FOR the world

Description: How are B Corps and this global movement of companies created as a force for good living this unique moment of opportunity and uncertainty that surrounds us in this the collaborative era?

Passionate about bringing useful innovation into meaningful organisations who are wanting to adapt and thrive in the fast-evolving opportunities offered by this 21st century, the collaborative era. He is currently B Corp Ambassador at (, director general at ebbf – ethical business building the future  (, co-founder of the  Impact Hub Madrid ( ) and professor of Social Innovation at EOI, at the RIC executive program at IED and at the Instituto de Empresa. He was a judge at the Stanford University Social Entrepreneurship E-Challenge.


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