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PWC’s Analytical Paper

PWC’s Analytical Paper
Market context September 19, 2017

Pwc  has been engaged by the European Commission (DG GROW), pursuant to the purchase order dated
19/02/2016, to develop an Impulse Paper to assess the size and presence of the collaborative economy in the
European Union.
The scope of this assessment includes:
 An estimation of the size of five key collaborative economy sectors within the European Union;
 A summary of the market sizing methodology adopted;
 A qualitative indication across major member states of:
o The presence of the collaborative economy organisations;
o The relative adoption of the collaborative economy services; and
o The openness of the regulatory and policy environment.
 Case studies highlighting examples of collaborative economy enterprises within each of the five sectors
and their experiences of operating in Europe;
 A short conclusion summarizing the key findings and suggested next steps; and
 A supporting appendix that includes reference information pertinent to the understanding of our study.

Here you can find the link.