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Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian for first time.

Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian for first time.
Technology March 20, 2018

An Uber self-driving car has killed a pedestrian woman, in Arizona (US), for the first time, a sad death that joins the one that occurred last year when a driver of a self-driving Tesla car was also involved in an accident resulting in his death.

While it is true that in both incidents it seems that the wrong conduct and responsibility were of the pedestrian in the case of the hit and the driver of the automatic car for omitting the alerts, in both incidents they have attracted media attention at the international level and relaunched the debate on the extent to which self-driving cars are reliable and, beyond that, the limits of artificial intelligence and robotics and how it affects the daily life of citizens.

To what extent can we leave an aspect that can affect physical integrity such as driving vehicles to robotics? What social implications does this also have in relation to issues such as work or the conversion of ‘human’ jobs into ‘robotic’ jobs?

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