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Sharing economy “purely sharing”: neither Airbnb nor HomeAway, Fairbnb?

Sharing economy “purely sharing”: neither Airbnb nor HomeAway, Fairbnb?
March 22, 2018

While the initial fascination with the sharing or collaborative economy has given way to a more critical and constructive vision, there is no doubt that the controversy between platforms that make “pure sharing economy” and applications that make “on demand or platform economy” continues.

On the road side, we find BlaBlaCar, the success story of sharing economy pure; and on the accommodation side, in the face of Airbnb’s most aggressive and controversial model, initiatives like Fairbnb have emerged (access their international site here and the Spanish one here), whose objective is “To offer a fair, transparent and collective property alternative. We invite all travelers and citizens concerned about the negative effects of uncontrolled tourism to join us and work on the creation of a platform that promotes extraordinary … and ethical trips “.

What do you think of this initiative? Is it really an improvement in the social and neighborhood impact of tourist rental through the internet?