Power in the Sharing Economy – EU H2020 Research Project Ps2Share
As it says, this report will follow in three main thematic sections in which current findings will be discussed. First, examine current debates through the concept of ‘bargaining power’, namely the ability to communicate with platforms and determine the parameters of sharing transactions. Then look at the aspect of algorithms and finally undertake a deeper discussion of regulation. This overview will conclude with key findings.
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European Commission, 2016 – An Economic Policy Perspective on Online Platforms
Analysis from the European Comission - Scientific and Technical Research Reports which provides an overview of the relevant economic research literature on platforms or multi-sided online markets, until 2016. It discusses platforms from a regulatory policy angle, including potential market failures in platforms, the extent of self-regulation and possible regulatory responses through existing competition policy, consumer protection and data protection instruments.
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European Commission, Jun 2016 – A European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy
Initial report from the European Commission regarding the collaborative economy, a sector which is growing quickly and forces national, regional and local European public administrations to respond and attend this phenomenon following the principle of encouraging a legal environmentant which lets start-ups and entrepreneurs go ahead, respecting in any case their legal obligations regarding taxation and respecting labour rights.
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